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Lee-anne Hasson
Published by: Lee-anne Hasson on 30-Apr-21
Are you OK ??? What is happening to you today

Hello again, 

Are you sitting at home feeling frustrated and wondering what if anything will ever change ?? 

I am one of the many hundreds of  thousands around the world that has had to work thru Mental Health Issues and still doing it  - and I know from experience that what things may look like on outside is not the truth of what is happening on the inside that very people actually can see.

At the beginning of this year I had a good friend ask me to help her with some computer work, and because I could do it at my pace and from home it was a perfect solution.  It has helped me get up with a purpose and also learn some knew skills.

A couple of months later and here I am plodding along as newbie still all the jargon of the high tech internet marketing but I am on my journey to success and it is also helping with my mental health

I still have rough days but having a purpose each day where i have things i need to complete for my friend then do what i need to do myself is great - and all at my pace if i am having a tough day. 

well thats all from me for now will blog again later.

have a awesome day till i chat again




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